I currently serve as website content manager for, a position held since I helped develop the website in 2011. Every word on this site is mine. 

Bishop's Landing

Along with, I have helped develop 11 other websites, and provided content to dozens of others.
Website copywriting clients include:
Baring Industries (Latest one, not live yet)
Beacon Asset Managers (site no longer exists)
Age Curve Consulting (site no longer exists)
LaHave Natural Farms (helped write and edit much of the content, but changed a lot since then)
CondoNova (all of the content)
Premiere Power Washing (all content)
Friedman Recycling (rewrote all content—not on site yet)
Empire Basements (most content)
UpRealty (most content)
Furniture2Dine (some content)
Gurvey Law (some content)
Cool Zone (some content)
Brown’s Guides (some content)
The Morar Group (some content)
Glass Guard (some content)

Blogging/article clients include:
Getting Nauti
Bartolomeo & Perotto
Pinnacle Concepts
Seen World
Active World
Housley Law
Spolin Law
Sleeping in Airports
Trader’s News Source
The 19thHole
Hash It Out
2Can Apps
Seeking Alpha
Brown’s Guides
Boortz Law
Maryland Nautical
Knox Jewelers
CIO Review
Filthy Riches
Age Curve Consulting
Beacon Asset Managers
Loco Cycles
Southern Drinking Club
Fales Law
Keegan Garner
Remora Auto
Turner Team Realty
FCI Painting
Guardian Booth
Gulfside Dental
Dan Robichaud
Island Tower Dentistry
Gardner Plastic Surgery
Cabo Restaurant Equipment
Security Data Destruction
Motley Fool
The Restaurant Blog
Restaurant Equipment Depot
The MacDonald Report
Glass Guard
The Chef’s Empire
and three others which NDAs preclude me from publicly naming.

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