Newsletter III

The Age Curve Report was probably my favourite newsletter of all. While I had partners in the venture, the newsletter felt like my baby and allowed me the most editorial freedom of any newsletter I’ve helped produce. I was quite proud of my research, story writing, editing and story selection and development, and each issue seemed better than the previous one. I think we had a great idea and produced a brilliant newsletter, but unfortunately failed to market ourselves and newsletter effectively.

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Click one of the links below to review a full issue:

September 2009 Age Curve Report

April 2010 Age Curve Report

February 2010 Age Curve Report

Along with the monthly newsletter, we also produced a “weekly focus” newsletter:

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To review a complete issue, please click on one of the links below:

Age Curve Weekly Focus January 26

Age Curve Weeky Focus February 16

Age Curve Weekly Focus July 3

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