Just Another ‘Assault’ on the Trump Campaign Trail….

Just Another ‘Assault’ on the Trump Campaign Trail….

–April 5, 2016

The word “assault” seems to be a tagline of the Donald Trump campaign of late, as numerous incidents of assault have been alleged over the past month at various campaign events, with the press stirring the pot with overheated reporting on each supposed event. Of the three primary “assault” incidents receiving the most press coverage, only one deserves to be termed “assault,” one is utter bullshit, and the third represents a case in which the alleged “victim” is actually the assailant.

The first one is easy: On March 9, 78-year-old John McGraw sucker punched a protester who was being led out of a Fayetteville, NC Trump campaign rally by law enforcement. Anyone who’s seen the video will have to agree that it was essentially an unprovoked assault and that McGraw should have been (and was) arrested…or—for those who believe one good punch deserves a like-minded rebuttal—been punched right back by the protestor. No doubt about this one whatsoever—it was an assault.

The second assault, and the one receiving the most coverage, concerns Breitbert news reporter Michelle Fields charge that Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski grabbed her by the arm and “nearly threw her to the ground.” And when I say “press coverage,” I mean a ludicrous level of coverage, aided in part by all the other candidates piling on the bandwagon insisting that  Trump should fire the campaign manager for the egregious assault.

Horse-fucking-feathers, I say…. If that incident constitutes “assault” then that bird that landed on the podium in front of Bernie Sanders last Friday was an assassination attempt.

Anyone looking at the video of the incident can see that the campaign manager pulls the journalist away from Trump with about the same force that she was using on the candidate in an effort to make him stop and answer a question. And this after two clear entreaties were made by the Secret Service to please step back from the candidate. The “nearly thrown to the ground” part of the allegation is equally bogus, as she hardly misses a beat in turning around to continue her pursuit of Trump.

As Donald Trump said, “nothing there,” and yes, if that incident is supposed to be an assault, then Trump should file charges against the reporter for her assault on him. The fact that charges have been laid at all is absurd, and is indicative of how…I don’t know…how America is becoming a nation of whiny crybabies (but I guess I’ll save that for another rant).

Oh, and while unsubstantiated, some (admittedly right wing) news sources are now reporting that the “victim” is a serial filer of assault charges, with charges filed against five different people over the years, but with all being dropped.

The third assault incident seemed to be on the verge of garnering massive press coverage, with initial headlines referring to the poor victim as a “teen” or “15-year-old girl,” who was groped and pepper sprayed at a Trump rally in Wisconsin. The story had all the makings of a press-frenzied black eye for Trump, but seems to have been quickly discarded and forgotten. Perhaps because numerous videos have emerged that show that the alleged victim is actually the aggressor and probably deserved to be pepper sprayed.

The incident was videoed by numerous people in the crowd, and can be viewed as it unfolds from just about every angle. From everything I’ve seen in the videos the girl is aggressively arguing with an older man, gets more and more agitated and starts heaving her girth at him while getting more and more agitated. The man is obviously trying to back away from her, but is stymied by the crowd. The man’s hands are up in the air as if to say I don’t want any part of you, and then she starts screaming about how he had groped her (ahem, “total bullshit!”). And then she hauls off and sucker punches him in the face, and someone else in the crowd (rightfully) nails her with pepper spray.

I say rightfully because all video evidence shows her to be the aggressor, and it’s obvious that the man accused of groping was only trying to get away from the belligerent cow. She sucker punched him and got hit back in return—end of story. At least it should be….

Oh, and for the record, I did not write this in support of Trump, I wrote it in support of “truth.” Something that will undoubtedly get in shorter supply as this race continues to unfold.

—Originally published April 1 in Hash It Out!

Hashing Out the Latest Hillary Clinton News Feed

Hashing Out the Latest Hillary Clinton News Feed

—Oct. 9, 2015

Front-running Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a dominant factor in the nation’s political news stream. And given that “news” can help make or break a candidate’s campaign, we decided to look at this month’s news feed to date in order to determine whether it was helping or hurting Hillary’s campaign.

Of course, news can be biased depending upon the source, with some news coming from the left in hopes of helping her campaign, and some from the right with an aim towards smearing the candidate. And yes, there is likely also some truly unbiased news in the mix. Thus, when considering the news and its impact on the candidate, one should also keep the source in mind and give weight to the bias that may be playing a role in how the news is being reported, and to what extent the truth of the story is accurately being portrayed.

For today’s exercise we want you to weigh each news item for level of truth, apparent slant, and, perhaps most importantly, relevance. Hash these stories out, internally and with others, to determine if each story gives you reason to vote for Hillary, or vote for another Democratic candidate. Tally up your responses to find out whether you would give your vote to Hillary if this was all you had with which to judge her candidacy.  Oh, and for those who already know they will not be voting Democrat no matter what, just try to pretend that the Democratic field represents your only option for president.

Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal, The Wall Street Journal, Oct. 7– Hillary is possibly straining her relationship with the Obama administration, as her declared opposition to the Pacific trade deal undercuts President Obama’s efforts to win congressional approval for the pact.

A brave political gambit or is something else afoot?

Hillary Clinton Approaches Debate, and Bernie Sanders, With Caution, The New York Times, Oct. 6–This story details the dilemma Hillary faces in her Democratic Primary campaign against the current top rival Sen. Bernie Sanders. That is, how to successfully fight him without alienating the Democratic voters that support him.

“Damn the torpedoes” is apparently not her modus operandi….

Secret Service agents: Hillary is a nightmare to work with, New York Post, Oct. 2– This story claims that the recently released book–First Family Detail–“exposes Hillary as an epically abusive Arctic monster.” With direct quotes from the book, the story purports that Hillary is especially rude to members of her Secret Service detail and likes to use the F-word. The story claims that the book’s author writes “flatteringly and critically” about people from both political parties, but fails to highlight any examples beyond Hillary.

Guess you need to read the book….   

2010-04-01-hill12 Quirky Emails on Hillary Clinton’s Server, CBS News, Oct. 8– Quirky yes, and while not necessarily newsworthy, perhaps enlightening. In a July 11, 2011, 2:24 a.m. one-line email response to an aide’s email notifying her of the Fukushima earthquake in Japan, Secretary of State Hillary asks, “Do you have my shawl?”

They (whoever “they” are) do say email messages can be taken out of context….

Don’t be fooled by the ‘new’ Hillary Clinton, Fox News, Oct. 8–This story warns potential voters not to fall by Hillary’s efforts to present herself as “warm, fuzzy and funny, characteristics heretofore unknown in the former first lady, comer New York Senator and former secretary of state.”

Actually, the article seems to be more about the bias of NBC’s coverage of Hillary, suggesting NBC stands for “Nothing But Clinton.” 

Hillary Clinton: I’m Not Interested in VP Job, NBC News, Oct. 5–“Hypothetically speaking, no,” Hillary has no interest in being the White House second fiddle.

Guess she’s hypothetically been there-done that, what with eight years as second in command at the White House in the 1990s.  

Hillary Clinton to push new gun controls after Oregon Shooting, Chicago Tribune, Oct. 4– Hillary has apparently made strict gun laws a “centerpiece of her presidential campaign.”

A brave move, given that gun control has always served as a political hot potato….

Hillary Clinton Wants to See Lenny Kravitz’s ‘Penisgate’ video and Megyn Kelly Doesn’t Like It, Inquisitr, Oct. 6– In an interview with Lena Dunham, Hillary expressed interest in seeing the infamous video of Lenny Kravitz’s wardrobe malfunction. This in turn spurred Fox News Host Megyn Kelly to call the interview not “fitting for a presidential candidate.”

 Surprised that Hillary even knows who Lenny Kravitz is, let alone wants to see his penis….

Hillary Clinton Got Fired from a Job in Her 20s–You’ll Never Believe What it Was, People Magazine, Oct. 5– Canned from an Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 5.23.31 PMAlaskan salmon packing cannery for being too slow and complaining that the fish smelled bad.

Hillary suggests that she was fired because she raised concerns about the cleanliness of the operation; however, because she also claims the entire operation “was gone” the next day, we find this story a little fishy…. 

OK, kids, based on the news items above, would Hillary get your vote for the Democratic nomination–Hash It Out!

—Originally published Oct. 9, 2015 by Hash It Out!