Announcing 2016’s “Word of the Year”—“Racist!”

—September 26, 2016

If “Word of the Year” nominations by the various entities that name such are based on usage, then 2016’s Word of the Year has got to be “racist.” From what I can tell, everyone is either a “racist” or declaring someone else to be “racist.” It is, without a doubt, 2016’s catchall word that defines exactly who one is. If you’ve been called racist, then you must assuredly be one. And if you’ve called somebody a racist, then it obviously (logical fallacy aside) must be assumed that you are not a racist.

So, go ahead, make sure you’re not tagged with 2016’s epithet of disdain and launch a pre-emptive strike by calling me a racist. Hell, I’m questioning the usage of the word, so by golly-gee I must be one.

Still hesitating?

OK, well, I think Black Lives Matter is a flawed organization that has way overstepped its original point of being and led by a group that relies on the promotion of logical fallacies to inject the idea of “racism” into just about every facet of Black American life (Black Life Difficulty Equals Whiteys’ Fault).

Consider: Black cop under tutelage of Black chief o’ police kills Black man who may or may not have been armed and BLM helps incite two nights of rioting over what it deems yet another case of “systemic, institutionalized racism.”

Yeah, that makes sense….

Call me racist, but I believe the BLM mantra that there is widespread systemic, institutionalized racism in America is horseshit. No doubt that pockets of it exist here and there, but if it was in any way “widespread” or “systemic” there is no way that Barack Obama would have been elected to serve as the President of the United States of America for not just one…but two terms in office. Think about it, Black folks only make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population, which means that we supposedly widespread systemically institutionalized racist Mofos put him into office…twice.

Awkward (yeah, the phrasing, too)…

Can’t dwell on that fact now, can we? So guess you’d better shout out “racist” so as to stifle this line of thinking. 

What, still hesitating? Can’t call me racist quite yet because there just might be some element of truth in my argument?   

OK, “All Lives Matter!”

That usually works. According the BLM and its supporters that statement marginalizes and tries to co-opt the BLM cause and is thus racist.

If you still haven’t called me racist, let me try one more incitement: “Black Lives Matter is Racist!”


From what I understand that’s a big no-no. According to BLM proponents, People of Color cannot be racists—only Whitey can. Being a dumb Cracker I don’t quite understand the logical reasoning behind this, but it has something to do with “White Privilege” and the belief that “oppressed” people can’t be racist.

check-logicI believe the whole political correct construct of “privilege” represents an ad hominem fallacy, or, to put it more plainly, is donkeyshit squared. As for being oppressed, well, if there truly is widespread, systemic institutionalized oppression of American Black folks, you’re just going to have to blame that Black guy living in the White House, cause he’s been in charge of the institutions for almost eight years now.

—M.J. Moye, likely now deemed a “racist,” but personally believes otherwise….

5 thoughts on “Announcing 2016’s “Word of the Year”—“Racist!”

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  2. I love it, James.

    This is what happens when political correctness goes unchecked: Entitlement, twisted realities, and no one that says “bullshit!” to the unfounded perceptions. Like a spoiled kid who’s parents never correct the child’s anti-social/unacceptable behaviors – they grow up to be crazy adults with a warped sense of reality . That is what we have created by being too politically correct for too long.


      • You know it. I have tried to raise my kids to be color blind, but their personal observations and experiences have lead them to see things differently.

        I just enjoyed the “Ghost Dock” story. The two snakes mating had to be on the mighty Roanoke river. I got out of the canoe to walk a downed log, saw the two rattle snakes and turned back saying “James, untie the boat. There are at least two snakes here!” You kept saying “Where?” I kept saying “untie the boat!” Finally you saw them, pulled out the snake charmer and dispatched them. I will never forget that.

      • Yeah, took a bit of poetic license by suggesting a “pond,” for those snakes, as it was the mighty Roanoke River–but I don’t believe they were Rattlers, my recollection was Water Moccasins. I’m thinking it must be at least 10 years since our last adventure together (CL). About time for another. Cheers,

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